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Rajesh Kewat, currently the Managing Director and CEO,

When we think of making it big in a particular field, the best way is to utilize the existing resources to the fullest. But if we pay attention to the success story of Mr. Rajesh Kewat, one lesson is clear: “Success needs more of positive motivation than resources”. This is the same lesson that the MD and CEO of FastInfo Group Rajesh Kewat shared on many occasions.

Mr. Kewat was born on June 22nd, 1985, in Dinhata, Cooch Behar district, West Bengal, to a family with meagre income. His father used to work as an Assistant Manager at a Petrol Pump. He received his education at Stationpara Saranarthi High School and Gopal Nagar Mahesh Saha Sharanarthi High School. He earned a bachelor's degree in computer science from IGNOU and a master's degree in computer science from Punjab Technical University.

In the year 2008, he started his professional career as a Marketing executive at Lalani Computer Academy, where he was paid a meagre salary of Rs. 2000. Over the next twelve years, Mr. Kewat worked for organisations such as Brainware Computer Academy, First Source Solution Limited, and as an Assistant Computer Teacher at Brahmanir Chowki High School.

Being a man of perseverance, focus and commitment, Mr. Kewat believes that dreams can become reality if one has the determination and courage to pursue it. He also has the experience of working for a number of well-known multinational companies, including Pearson India Education Services Pvt Ltd, Educomp Solution Limited, and Oxford University Press.

His job as a Smart Class Coordinator for Educomp Solution Limited at St. Mary's High Institution in New Cooch Behar, a prestigious school in the area, helped him improve his financial status. He has acknowledged that while working for Educomp, he changed a lot and that his position at St. Mary's High School played a huge role in improving his career. He earned his Masters in Computer Application from Punjab Technical University while working at Educomp.

His recognition in the education sector and popularity among students brought him good fortune, as the computer centre business which had failed in 2008 was suddenly packed with students. Because of his popularity, students came from all over the neighbouring regions around Dinhata, including Siliguri (about 200 kilometres from Dinhata) to take his computer classes. The computer centre quickly grew to new heights, branching out to adjacent towns and villages.

Businessman Rajesh Kewat

Mr. Kewat, who possessed all of the characteristics of a visionary, was always motivated for achieving more success, and little achievements did not satisfy him. In 2016, he leased a factory at Dinhata, Cooch Behar, in order to fulfil his ambition. He established a packaged drinking water plant there, which he quickly turned into a thriving enterprise.

He witnessed the toughest phase of his life in 2017. Life needed a great deal of sacrifice from him in order for uniting with the person he admires the most, his soul mate. He had to give up his job, all of his assets and money. But he was not about to give up! He remained steadfast in his stance, relying on his willpower. Eventually, even without any financial assistance, he was able to save his relationship and constructed his own ladder to success and achievement.

Rajesh Kewat had an experience of 10 years as an RTI activist and the idea of helping the entire nation dawned on him during those days as the activist. Thus onlinertiapplication.com was born in 2018 under the online platform True Consultant.

After successfully serving justice to the masses, Mr. Kewat felt the need to incorporate True Consultant into a private limited business with the name of FastInfo Legal Services Pvt. Ltd. In 2019. With Online Legal India being set up as a subsidiary in 2019, the company focused on battling online fraud and consumer complaints, as well as providing services like GST filing and registration, company registration, trademark registration, and more. It quickly grew to become India's largest online consumer complaint company.

Small town business person Rajesh Kewat

As a result of his professional affiliations with firms such as Educomp Solution Limited, Pearson India Education Services Pvt Ltd, and Oxford, the field of education has always been near to Mr. Rajesh Kewat. FastInfo Class was founded in 2020 to provide online education to individuals, allowing them to save time and money.

This website brought forth a huge scope for the rural as well as urban students.. Rural students, in particular, face challenges due to a lack of infrastructure,which Fastinfo Class effectively adddresses. It has now touched and changed the lives of countless people, contributing significantly to the upliftment of society.

Following the successful efforts into the legal and educational fields, Mr. Kewat (being an MCA degree holder) focussed on his own profession of Information Technology. As a result, "Innovative Bharat" was born in 2020, a pioneer in digital transformation services that provides businesses with the necessary platform to enter the digital world. It also offers businesses with solutions that are tailored to the needs of their customers.

Online Class India, a one-stop shop for numerous career-building courses, and OnlyDesi, a Swadeshi online marketplace for Indian products and services, are two recent additions to the portfolio of FastInfo Group.

His journey quite clearly portrays him as a motivated first-generation serial entrepreneur who has faced a lot of obstacles while traveling the entrepreneurial path. And like a true leader he has stood alone, made tough decisions and successfully overcame the challenges in his life.

Md Rajesh Kewat

From being a one-man business venture to a group of companies in India with over 500 people, Mr. Rajesh Kewat has been a genuinely inspirational leader. He is a believer who has proven that "You don't need money to build your business empire, what you need is big dreams & a sharp mind! If you got it, try it"

If you have drawn inspiration from Mr. Kewat’s entrepreneurial experiences and want to navigate the successful path for your future, you can go through his complete journey by visiting the website: www.rajeshkewat.com